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Somos la empresa ecuatoriana líder en la provisión de soluciones logísticas integrales que presta servicios de calidad a nivel nacional e internacional.

In Ecuador there is an obligation to use the Postal Code for all outgoing and / or incoming shipments to the country. Find yours at www.codigopostal.gob.ec or download the App on your smartphone from the Apple Store and Google Play on Android to identify the desired zip code.

For more information contact us at 1800 033 339, or write to us at codigopostal@entregas.ec.

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Receive confirmation of your account from one of our sales executives and start enjoying the benefits that FedEx offers you.

For more information, contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

By opening a FedEx account you can access different benefits such as:

  • 15-day freight credit.
  • Preferential rates according to volume.
  • Depending on your billing level, we will assign you an A- Team that will help you with all your requirements.
  •  Access to any of our electronic tools for the preparation of guides, tracking, or to know information from other countries to which you wish to export.
  • Withdrawal of packages or documents from your office.

To start sending your packages to any destination, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your account at fedex.com
  2. Complete the required fields
  3. Print the guide
  4. Prepare your shipment, and if you need FedEx packing materials, contact us.
  5. Schedule a pickup or go to our nearest office to schedule your shipment

For more information, contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

Access your account at fedex.com to schedule the delivery of your shipment and generate a label. Likewise, you can coordinate a collection at your office or leave the package at any FedEx point.

For more information, contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

When you log in to fedex.com/ec, You can estimate the cost of shipping your packages with the discounts that apply and calculate transit times. After getting the estimate you want, simply click Submit and your information will be added to the FedEx form. Ship Manager.

For more information, contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

We know that you are looking for the best cost-benefit ratio, that is why we offer you free tools on the Internet so that you can estimate shipping costs, without problems or restrictions, to practically any destination.


Calculate the cost of your shipment by clicking here.

All imports to Ecuador generate taxes, the value may vary depending on the type of product and its weight. If the shipment enters under the 4×4 mode (less than 4Kg with a commercial value less than $ 400 dollars), customs will
charge a fixed rate of $ 42 dollars. Additionally, there may be Grupo Entregas processing values, depending on the total value of the shipment. These values can be pre-pay on Grupo Entregas website.

It will depend on the place of destination and the customs regulations of each country. If you have a FedEx account, you can request that the possible associated charges at the destination be charged to the account, so that the recipient will not have to make any payment. Otherwise, FedEx will contact the recipient to settle the charges that have been generated.

For more information, contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

Electronic Commerce Documents are all those international shipments that do not correspond to documents or merchandise, and that allow the use of the ETD functionality without the need to print and attach a label to the package; This simplifies and automates the document flow and submission process to save you time and provide added peace of mind.

Make sure you have the 12-digit FedEx tracking number. You can track your shipment on the Grupo Entregas and FedEx websites.

Before receiving the package, it is important to keep in mind that in addition to the cost of shipping (usually paid by the sender) there may be customs fees and processing costs in Ecuador.

Currently, the Ecuadorian regulations allow the entry of packages of less than 4 kg and with a commercial value of less than $ 400 under the 4×4 mode. This modality exempts the payment of duties, but charges a fixed rate of $ 42 dollars per shipment (updated to August 2017). These $ 42 dollars, plus possible processing costs (paperwork for customs clearance) must be canceled by the recipient in Ecuador, or indicate a FedEx account to load said values.

For more information, contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

Yes, to more than 220 countries around the world, with guaranteed delivery. For more information visit our website www.fedex.com/ec or contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

It is a program focused on B2C business (From company to end customer). This service is exclusive for the shipment of fresh flowers to the United States with the cold chain.

Shipments are consolidated at the Quito airport and a domestic distribution is made in the US. For this service, it is necessary that the client has legal status or a natural person in the United States who appears as the Registered Importer (Import of Record).

The B2C service is ideal for companies of eCommerce and flower farms interested in placing their products further in the distribution chain.

For more information, contact us at 1800.033.339 or 18000 FEDEX.

eLogistics is the group of local logistics services of Grupo Entregas within Ecuador:

  • National Corporate Courier: Sending packages nationwide aimed at companies that make frequent shipments.
  • Integration with eCommerce: Integrated solutions to platforms ecommerce Web way services, inventories are managed online and withdrawals online are made at the time of purchase.
  • Certified Deliveries: Specialized service in critical or sensitive correspondence with return of attachments, signatures, deliveries to the holder that require verification or additional actions. It can also include enveloping, printing, and personalization.
  • Supply Chain: Inventory management from import, customs clearance and arrival at our wineries. Inventory entry with online traceability, labeling and distribution system.
  • Inhouse services : Management of internal and external correspondence, digitization and handling of printing and filing in the client’s offices.

For more information about each service, you can visit the “Services” section.

Fulfillment o smart warehousing is the combination of storing your inventory in external warehouses, together with automated distribution services.
For example, let’s say an importer of auto parts doesn’t have enough space to store its inventory. In that case, you can keep it in our warehouses and as you receive orders, through our systems you simply request their delivery. We carry out the management of preparing the order, dispatching it from our warehouses and sending them to the recipient.

Certified Deliveries is a series of services that allow the delivery of documents or sensitive messaging. The service provides all the follow-up of the delivery through online tracking, guarantee of delivery to an owner or authorized third party and reportology of deliveries. The customer can also generate searches with custom parameters.

As part of the added values ​of this service, we can print envelopes, account statements, envelope and label the
documents in question.

Yes, our storage service and fulfillment is comprehensive. For example, many warehouse clients combine services from FedEx or from our Ecargo consolidation to import their merchandise into the country. Subsequently, Grupo Entregas provides the dispatch and delivery to the final destination within Ecuador through our services of Elogistics.

Grupo Entregas allows its clients to link the services they require. For example FedEx + Customs + National Courier.

Yes, our FedEx and National logistics services have ideal solutions for web services, connecting to the client’s internal systems. At the domestic logistics level, our service “eCommerce”It has a web services API to which our clients can integrate to automatically generate labels, collection orders and request traces.

We have a wide coverage nationwide with excellent delivery
times. To know it, click here.

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  • Receive the confirmation of your account and start enjoying the benefits that our service eLogistics offers you
  • For more information contact us at 1800.033.339

We offer integrated solutions to platforms ecommerce Web way services, inventories are managed online and withdrawals online are made at the time of purchase. We automate processes, withdraw the product nationwide, and offer technical and operational support on all shipments.

  • Custody, administration and distribution of your inventory
  • State-of-the-art wineries in their own spaces in Quito and Guayaquil.
  • Inventory dispatch 24/7
  • Hanger and assembly of shipments
  • Reporting and analytics of movements
  • Inventory system available online
  • Service of nationalization of packages and subsequent storage
  • Wide coverage nationwide
  • Latest generation traceability 24 hours a day
  • Automated creation of guide numbers and labels
  • Record of delivery in real time, with the name of the person who receives the document / package and photographs of the delivery

We offer the management of internal and external correspondence, digitization and handling of printing and filing at the client’s offices.

  • Our technology and professional human resources within your organization
  • Receipt, processing and delivery of documents
  • Outsourcing of defined services
  • Availability of resources according to your needs
  • Management of internal, incoming and outgoing messages
  • Added values: policy printing, enveloping and delivery
  • Digitization of documents, contracts, policies and custody
  • Internal and external document traceability

Incoterms are terms of trade. The name comes from its acronym in English “International Commercial Terms”, used in an international sales contract.

Its acronym is made up of three letters each and they reflect the voluntary acceptance of both parties (Buyer-Seller), about the conditions of delivery of goods.

They are prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce, to create a parameterization that is used worldwide by the entities involved in the purchase and sale.

The distribution of costs: the usual thing is that the seller bears the strictly precise costs to put the merchandise in delivery conditions and that the buyer bears the other costs.

The transmission of risks: It is based on the management and responsibility of risks (of loss, deterioration, theft of goods), they are transferred in the geographical point and at the chronological moment defined by the contract and the established Incoterm.

Cargo insurance: sign an insurance policy for merchandise in transport.

Yes, our Ecargo service can arrange shipping and customs clearance of your household and automobile items. It is important that you review the legal requirements to access the benefits of income from household goods:

Ecuador Customs – Migrant “Menajes” https://www.aduana.gob.ec/para-migrantes/

Chancellery – “Menajes” https://www.cancilleria.gob.ec/2020/06/18/menaje-de-casa/


eCargo offers great benefits to its clients, adapting to the individual needs of each of the companies. To be a customer of eCargo you can send us an email to info@ecargo.ec

It is the activity of grouping in a container or cargo unit, goods or merchandise from several exporters to be transported to a specific destination.

  • Air Cargo Service: consolidated cargo handling, charters, special cargo and handling of hazardous material.
  • Maritime Cargo Service: full container handling, cargo consolidation, break bulk and special projects.
  • Land Cargo Service: consolidation of cargo, platforms, extra heavy and oversized cargo.

eCargo is part of an International Network of the highest prestige in terms of logistics. We invite you to know the certificates that guarantee us here.

It is the information generated, sent, received, stored or communicated by electronic, optical or similar means, which remains in these media during its life cycle, is produced by a person or entity due to their activities and must be treated in accordance with the principles and archival processes.

The comprehensive document management process consists of 4 steps:

1. Logistics and documentary reception
• Logistics of Physical Transfer of Documents.
• Reception and Verification of Submitted Documentation
2. Document technical processing
• Debugging and Classification of documentation received.
• Documentary Inventory.
• Document Digitization and Indexing.
• Physical Location of Processed Documents.
3. Documentary consultations
• Receipt of the request for physical or electronic consultation.
• Search and Preparation of Documentation.
• Digitization of Documents not processed and required electronically.
• Logistics and Delivery of requested Documents.
4. Turnkey
• Delivers the information digitally ordered and organized according to the workflow
• Delivery of passive file warehouse physically ordered and according to standards

The wineries of eFileThey have strict safety and quality standards that allow all the stored documentation not to be deteriorated or damaged. The storage protocols have been implemented with the aim of keeping all the passive files of your company in excellent condition.

eFile offers great benefits to its clients, adapting to the individual needs of each of the companies. To be a customer of eFile you can send us an email to infoefile@entregas.ec

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