About us

We are the leading Ecuadorian company in the provision of comprehensive logistics solutions that provides quality services


Be the strategic partner in the logistics and administrative information processes for our clients, through comprehensive innovative solutions with a vision of the future.


  • 5 years: Leaders of logistics solutions in Ecuador

  • 10 years: Offices in other countries

  • 15 years: Consolidated Group in South America

  • 20 years: Consolidated Group in the American continent and with greater reputation


  • Integrity

  • Commitment

  • Proactivity

  • Passion


Ser el socio estratégico en los procesos logísticos y administrativos de la información para nuestros clientes, mediante soluciones innovadoras integrales y con visión del futuro.


  • 10 años: Oficinas en otros países

  • 5 años: Líderes de soluciones logísticas en Ecuador

  • 15 años: Grupo consolidado en Sudamérica

  • 20 años: Grupo consolidado en el continente americano y de mayor reputación


  • Integridad

  • Compromiso

  • Proactividad

  • Pasión

Meet our collaborators

TES-02 Óscar Cortés Quality Manager Being part of Grupo Entregas is a pride for me, more than a company, I consider Grupo Entregas as an extension of my family. The young and innovative spirit that the company has represents me, encouraging in me the desire to be better every day and to be able to contribute a grain of sand to the growth of the Group. TES-02 Paola Espinoza Cuenca Commercial Advisor Grupo Entregas has allowed me to grow professionally in a new branch, I have learned that by working as a team we can achieve any goal, having as a priority the customer service that characterizes us. Efficiency and punctuality have also been part of a new work experience in this company TES-02 Johanna Macías Operations and SSO Lead Grupo Entregas for me is a personal and professional challenge that during these years has allowed me to discover how excellent we can be even in difficult times. We have a human team whose main value is everyday commitment and that makes us always be ready for our internal and external clients

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